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This is how different parts of the UK will be keeping warm this winter

The stereotypical image of 'southern softies' could soon be a thing of the past - after a study found northerners jack up the heating long before southerners do.  Despite there being just a two degree difference between the north and south of the UK at the moment, those living south of London will simply don another layer to keep warm while Geordies and Scots will reach for the thermostat instead.

Brits will spare the feelings of others by telling little white lies around the Christmas tree

If a loved one says “It’s lovely” when opening a gift, you may want to double check that you’ve hung on to the receipt, a study has found.  A poll of 2,000 adults revealed 86 per cent of Brits will spare the feelings of others by telling little white lies around the Christmas tree.  When exclaiming “What a lovely surprise”, many simply make the remark when lost for words on how they really feel.

How to keep your home safe this Christmas

Posting our plans on social media, leaving gift boxes we have bought in outside bins and forgetting to lock doors and windows… the simple mistakes that are inviting burglars into our homes.  As Christmas approaches, homes become filled with expensive gifts and gadgets. This sadly means that the festive season is also the peak time that domestic burglary increases due to opportunistic intruders.

Stay seen on the school-run

The clocks have gone back, the first frosts are appearing and winter is officially here, bringing with it the extra challenge of navigating the school run in the dark. With the hours around the school-run reportedly responsible for over half of child-related road accidents, make sure your little people are easy to spot with LittleLife’s fun yet practical Hi-Vis ActionPaks.

Dogs Left Home Alone Getting Hooked On TV and Radio

Thousands of dog owners admit to leaving the TV or radio on, leaving out extra food - and even getting a neighbour to call in when their dog is home alone, a study has found.  Many also treat their beloved pooch to a new toy or bone as they walk out of the door, install a dog flap and use a web cam to check up on them.

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