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Top 50 Things Most Likely to Make Your Heart Race

Sex, having an argument – and accidentally liking a photo while stalking someone’s social media profile are among the things most likely to get your heart racing, a study has found.  A poll of 2,000 adults also found going on a first date, confronting someone and having a near miss are guaranteed to cause a spike in your heart rate.

These Are The Top Aromas That Get Brits in the Mood for Love

Rain, biscuits and old books have emerged among a list of weird and wonderful scents which get us in the mood for love.  Researchers who polled 2,000 UK adults also found fragrances such as bonfires, baked bread and Sunday roasts evoke romantic tendencies.  More traditional aphrodisiac aromas such as flowers, perfume aftershave featured high on the list too as did Autumnal aromas such as mulled wine, gingerbread and log fires

Nine out of Ten Brits are Frequently Suffering ‘Brain-Fade’

Researchers found nine out of ten of us frequently endure moments when our minds go blank and we walk into rooms and totally forget what we went in there for, or absent-mindedly put the cereal in the fridge or the milk in the cupboard.  Forgetting where we parked our car, searching for specs which were on top of our head or sending a text message to the person we were talking about, rather than the intended recipient.

Brit Mums and Dads More Likely to Use Grandparents for Childcare than Nursery

Grandparents are now the UK’s number one suppliers of childcare, according to new research.  Cash-strapped mums and dads of youngsters aged 13 and under spend an average of £89.50 a week on care – almost £4,500 a year and the equivalent to a SIXTH of the average salary.  In fact, one in 10 stated that childcare is their biggest monthly household expense (excluding rent or mortgage payments), behind both food and utility bills

Eating for Two: Our Experts Debunk the Pregnancy Myth

A recent survey from The National Charity Partnership (made up of Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation and Tesco) has found that only a 1/3 of expectant mothers knew how much they should be eating during pregnancy and were confused by the advice that women should be eating for two. We therefore asked the experts exactly how much women should be eating during their pregnancy and what the best foods are for expectant mothers.

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