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New life saving babygrow to put parents’ first aid fears to bed

An exclusive babygrow designed to help teach parents how to give first aid to their baby is being launched by leading first aid charity St John Ambulance, together with Tesco. The new babygrow will teach baby CPR, after 74% of parents said that their baby not breathing is the first aid emergency they fear most.

Since only 1 in 4 mums and dads know what to do in this situation, parents are being urged to pick up the free, limited edition babygrow for three to six-month-olds in selected Tesco stores on Thursday 13 October, with a suggested donation going to St John Ambulance. Parents can visit Tesco Baby Club for more information.


UK kids go hungry when it comes to knowledge about food

New research has revealed that children across the UK just aren’t stepping up to the plate when it comes to simple facts about the food they eat – with almost half of children under eight not knowing that eggs come from chickens.  The survey of 1,000 children, commissioned by supermarket Asda, also brought to light that six out of 10 don’t have a clue how long it takes to grow vegetables such as carrots – with answers varying from one day to 10 years. A quarter of children believe that chicken can only be cooked on a barbecue and more kids recognised Kale as a boy’s name than that of a vegetable.

ICE: The first of its kind App that’s got your back

ICE (In Case of Emergency) – a pioneering personal security device that lets users – at a touch of a button – send a distress signal to friends, family and emergency services, is set to launch on Indiegogo.  The revolutionary disc, which houses a panic button, is small enough to attach to a set of keys or fit in the palm of your hand, and is connected to your mobile phone through an easy-to-use app.  Ice launches on Indiegogo in October

RSPCA urges kids to go wild with a camera to break summer hols boredom!

The prestigious RSPCA Young Photographer Awards are open for entries and as the summer holidays begin judges are hoping this year’s categories will appeal to more entrants than ever.  The contest invites anyone under 18 to send in animal-themed pictures they have taken in the hope of winning a host of exciting prizes.

The 50 Most Common Childhood Memories

The typical British adult’s fondest childhood memories are of family trips to the beach, games of hide and seek and watching Top of the Pops.  Researchers who carried out a detailed study among 2,000 adults found memories of playing in the sand, collecting seashells and playing games like hopscotch sprang to mind first when asked to recall happy days as a child.

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