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One in five mums feel they’re doing a bad job

A fifth of mums (21%) say feeding their child manufactured baby food makes them feel like a bad mum. But should it? An independent report lifts the lid on what goes into those jars.  Mums feel under pressure as almost four out of ten (39%) feel they are being ‘judged’ by other parents for not making baby food from scratch and one in five (21%) says it makes them feel like they are a bad mum, a survey by Cow & Gate recently revealed.

Some apps you want, this app you need

Find My Child is the world’s first global alerting service and Smartphone application designed to help reunite parents and lost children quickly and safely should they become separated. The groundbreaking app Find My Child is now helping reunite separated children and panicking parents around the world.  A parent’s biggest fear is losing their child, it happens more often than anyone wants to admit, with 28% of parents who visit theme parks with their children admitting losing them at some point.

Hay fever danger for motorists

Road safety experts warn motorists suffering from hay fever risk losing control of their vehicle during a sneezing attack.  Research from Halfords reveals that drivers with allergy dice with danger every day while at the wheel of their cars as the condition can cause streaming swollen eyes, impairing vision and repeated sneezing, temporarily forcing the eyes closed.

UK's Largest Children's Heart Charity Launches New 'Think HEART' Acronym To Help Detect Heart Problems Early

The Children's Heart Federation, the UK's largest children's heart charity is launching a new information campaign directed towards parents and medical professionals. Think HEART provides parents with five easy to spot signs to help identify if their child may have a heart problem.

Teenage blues

Everybody has days when they feel down, but did you know one in eight teenagers now suffers from depression and the third leading cause of death between the ages of 10 and 19 years is suicide?  As society expects more and more from its young people they are buckling under the weight of expectations and experiencing stress, anxiety and clinical depression. That’s why STEM4, the mental health charity aimed specifically at troubled teens, has launched a dedicated Depression and Anxiety area on its website.

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