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RIAS and YOURS Magazine’s Grandparent of the Year Awards

The 2012 Grandparent of the Year Awards are returning for a second year and will once again celebrate our amazing grandmothers and grandfathers across the UK. The programme continues to recognise the important role grandparents play by offering wisdom, experience, support and love to their families.

The Lego Friends 2012 Roadshow has started - read on for when its in your area

All Lego Friends 2012 Roadshow visitors will be introduced to the wonderful world of LEGO Friends and the five central characters; Emma, Olivia, Andrea, Stephanie and Mia who have travelled all the way from their hometown of 'Heartlake City'. Each friend has her own hobbies and interests including animals, performing arts, invention and design. Come along with your friends and discover which of the LEGO Friends is most like you.

Mrs Crimbles Kindness Survey

As a result of a recent survey, Mrs Crimble's has launched the ‘Share the Love’ campaign to spread some kindness nationwide.   Every month, Mrs Crimble’s will send out 1,000 free packs of goodies to those who deserve a bit of kindness.

Mums fall outs

One in three mums has fallen out with someone amid a bust-up over how to raise their child – with their own mums or mother-in-law often the culprit, it has emerged.  A study of 2,000 mothers found comments or remarks made by close relatives, other mothers and even complete strangers are also common triggers. Potty training is the most frequent cause of discontent with behaviour, growth and their child’s eating and sleeping habits other touchy subjects

Mummy Makeover

cosmetic surgery

Most women love the way they feel during pregnancy and embrace their bountiful breasts and fuller figures, but once we've got our new baby, many of us are left distressed by the 'damage' it's done to our bodies.

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