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Shopping Excuses

‘I haven’t bought anything for ages’ and ‘I deserve this’ are the top excuses used by guilty women after a shopping spree, it recently emerged.  A third of shoppers use a pre-prepared list of excuses to justify their spending to their partners – ‘It’s a bargain’, ‘I need this to cheer me up’ and ‘it was on sale’ completed the top five.

Charity Aims To Reduce Child Sunburn At Schools In England

A leading health charity has launched a petition to stop children being sunburnt whilst at school.  The British Skin Foundation (BSF), a national charity that raises money for skin disease and skin cancer research, is aiming to get 100,000 signatures to have the issue of sun safety in schools debated in the House of Commons.

Men love to cook more than women

As the BBC’s Masterchef returns for another series, new research reveals that men enjoy cooking much more than women and they are slowly taking over in the kitchen.  The latest study shows how modern men are happy to step up to the hot plate and are really rather good at cooking too, according to their wives and girlfriends.

Parents are biggest providers of alcohol to their kids, reveals Drinkaware

Children as young as 10 say their parents are who they would turn to first for advice about alcohol, and the most common source of alcohol itself, according to new research published today by alcohol education charity Drinkaware. Unique research, which polled parents (who were social grades ABC1) of 10-17 year olds and their children, highlights that 72% of the 10-17 year olds questioned say their parents are the first people they would approach with questions about alcohol, while half (50%) of those who have had a drink report it was their parents who supplied them with the alcohol the last time they drank.


One in four British women has misdiagnosed themselves on the internet – then bought the wrong product in an attempt to cure themselves, a study revealed yesterday.  Researchers found Dr Google is now the first port of call for women with genuine health concerns who are almost twice as likely to check online before consulting a doctor or even talking to Mum.

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