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Nick Clegg's energy announcement – does it stack up?

The big six energy companies – EDF, Eon, British Gas, Southern, Scottish Power and Npower – have agreed to write to customers every year to tell them the firm's best tariff for them and how to get it, the Government have announced

Holiday Transfers – New Airport Transfer Service Launched is a brand new service that offers top quality airport and rail transfers from thousands of destinations, and provides them all at the best available price.  Taking the hassle out of travel, the service is reliable, easy to book and fills the gap to ensure that a journey is catered for, from door to door.

Perfect Partner

The perfect man eats meat, drives an Audi and phones his mum twice a week, a poll of women recently revealed.  The ideal fella also drinks lager or beer, not wine or spirits, and earns a comfortable £48,000 a year. He will also be six feet tall, have short dark hair and smart dress sense – similar to that of U.S X-Factor host Steve Jones.

Junk Food Granny

Junk Food

Millions of mums fear sending their children to nan and granddad’s for tea – because they’ll be fed junk food, biscuits and sweets.  Researchers found around one in four mums have thought twice about allowing their kids to visit their grandparents due to concerns over the food they will consume whilst there.

Lick the stamp price rise - Buy stamps now and smash the price rise for years ahead

The price of stamps is likely to rocket after Ofcom today said it’s allowing Royal Mail to set its own prices for first class stamps. Some predict doomsday prices as high as 70p from 46p. Currently 36p, second class will still be controlled, but are allowed to rise as high as 55p.

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