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Brake Welcomes Drug Driving Announcement

Drug-driving in England, Scotland and Wales could become a specific offence with a jail term and fine, under a new law expected in the Queen's Speech.  Police have to show driving has been impaired by drugs to prosecute.   But under the plans, drivers could face up to six months in jail for driving with certain controlled drugs in your body in excess of specified limits.

Be Water Smart this summer

Summer is coming and the combination of holidays, sunshine, water and children is a seductive but potentially lethal mix. Tragically, drowning is still the third highest cause of accidental death among children in the UK. ‘It seems the danger is greater on holiday because parents relax and have a false sense of security for children around water,’ explains Paul Thompson, co-founder of Water Babies.

New Website launched to help health professionals and parents of children with cancer

With 10 children a day being diagnosed with cancer and many having to spend extended periods of time in hospital, it is hoped that a new website from the Children’s Cancer Recovery Project - – will offer welcomed advice and support to parents and families affected by the disease.

Scientists Find Link Between Number Of Friends And Physical Activity In Children

Children with more friends are more physically active than those with less, scientists have discovered.  Research funded by World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF) and the National Prevention Research Initiative (NPRI) found that for each additional friend a child spends around an extra ten minutes being physically active at the weekend.  The discovery is good news for childhood health as the majority of young people do not meet physical activity guidelines and activity levels tend to decline through childhood.

Keep six months maternity leave - Plans to reduce maternity leave to 18 weeks criticised by mothers and employers

In advance of announcements on legislative change to maternity and paternity leave a new study for Working Families and Netmums found overwhelming opposition to plans to reduce maternity leave to 18 weeks. Working Families employer members have also voiced concerns about reducing maternity leave to18 weeks and warn of hidden costs to business.

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