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Perfect night’s sleep

The key to a perfect night’s sleep is going to bed at exactly 10pm, wearing pyjamas and enjoying a nice cup of tea beforehand, it was revealed yesterday.  A study of 2,000 adults who claim to enjoy a wonderful sleep every single night of the week has highlighted how to achieve a decent slumber.

Its Time to De-clutter during National De-clutter Week 7-18th March 2012

The annual spring clean comes early this year with National De-clutter Week beginning on 7th March. Recent research confirmed we’re a nation of clutter-a-holics using phrases like cluttered, overflowing and can’t swing a cat regularly to describe our homes today. We’re unable to throw out our keepsakes and treasured nik-naks but equally, we can’t keep them, as space in our homes becomes limited and all the more precious.

Plant A Jubilee Tree For A Jubilee Baby

The Diamond Jubilee is a hot topic at the moment, with all kinds of celebrations planned during 2012. Emma's Diary and the Woodland Trust have teamed up to offer a very special way to celebrate babies born during the Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth's Diamond Jubilee.  The Woodland Trust is creating 460 acres of new woodland at its Flagship Diamond Wood site in heart of the National Forest in Leicestershire, and a grove is to be dedicated to little ones born during this very special year

What does your front door say about you?

People who live behind a red door are the happiest in the country, it has been revealed.  The study quizzed 2,000 residents about all aspects of their personal and working lives to reveal who had the best outlook on life and how their choice of door colour reflected this.

Youngsters call for cycle helmet law and their parents to wear ski helmets!

Despite many youngsters shunning cycle helmets, boys and girls aged 11-16 would welcome a law enforcing their wear.  Anecdotal research carried out by the Brain Injury Group in association with Activate Sport among 100 active youngsters aged 11-16, showed 69% would prefer it to be law for under 16s to wear a helmet when cycling.

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