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What does your front door say about you?

People who live behind a red door are the happiest in the country, it has been revealed.  The study quizzed 2,000 residents about all aspects of their personal and working lives to reveal who had the best outlook on life and how their choice of door colour reflected this.

Youngsters call for cycle helmet law and their parents to wear ski helmets!

Despite many youngsters shunning cycle helmets, boys and girls aged 11-16 would welcome a law enforcing their wear.  Anecdotal research carried out by the Brain Injury Group in association with Activate Sport among 100 active youngsters aged 11-16, showed 69% would prefer it to be law for under 16s to wear a helmet when cycling.

Secret to a happy marriage

Taking two holidays a year, having a meaningful conversation twice a week and cuddling 11 times in a fortnight are key to a happy marriage; it was recently revealed

How to perform resuscitation and CPR on a baby or young child

Having the knowledge needed to carry out first aid on a child or baby can be vital and yet 81% of parents admit they don’t have the skills required to administer even basic first aid. Stats reveal that over half of all parents asked would be afraid of doing something wrong

Becoming a Teen

Becoming a teenager is a difficult time for children with both emotional and physical changes to their bodies happening at an increased rate during these formative years. But for girls these changes can be even more challenging with the onset of periods.

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