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RSPCA urges kids to go wild with a camera to break summer hols boredom!

The prestigious RSPCA Young Photographer Awards are open for entries and as the summer holidays begin judges are hoping this year’s categories will appeal to more entrants than ever.  The contest invites anyone under 18 to send in animal-themed pictures they have taken in the hope of winning a host of exciting prizes.

The 50 Most Common Childhood Memories

The typical British adult’s fondest childhood memories are of family trips to the beach, games of hide and seek and watching Top of the Pops.  Researchers who carried out a detailed study among 2,000 adults found memories of playing in the sand, collecting seashells and playing games like hopscotch sprang to mind first when asked to recall happy days as a child.

Criminal record checks loophole for private tutors must close

All self-employed tutors must be required to get criminal record check and the Government is being urged to close a loophole that could leave thousands of privately-taught children at risk of harm, by making criminal record checks compulsory for all private tutors.

High heels and other hidden health risks in your wardrobe

High heels, flip flops, heavy handbags and statement necklaces are all staple parts of a women’s stylish wardrobe, but they are causing damaging health problems in the pursuit of being fashionable.  Mr Simon Moyes , Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon at The Wellington Hospital provides advice on how to avoid potential health risks caused by accessories.

Losing Weight Is Child’s Play, According to New Research

Fitness first infographic

Forget running, walking and other traditional exercises — if you want to get in shape you should go back to the playground, according to new research.  Old school works-out like star jumps, hopscotch and skipping burn more calories and use more muscles than the nation’s favourite ways to work out.  Experts claim those wanting to drop dress-sizes would be better off skipping for 15 minutes to lose 215 calories, rather than running for the same amount of time, which uses just 150 calories.

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