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The Top 40 Misheard Lyrics You’re Getting Wrong

Millions of Brits are mishearing some of the world’s best known song lyrics and replacing them with baffling alternatives, according to new research.  Three quarters of those polled admitted to singing along to the wrong words of popular tunes, including Abba’s ‘Dancing Queen’ and Dire Strait’s ‘Money for Nothing’.  Indeed, wannabee singers often mishear the lyrics to Taylor Swift’s ‘Blank Space’, believing she is singing “All the lonely Starbucks lovers” – and not “Got a long list of ex-lovers”.

The Picnic Etiquette Rules All Brits are Breaking

Free-range children, over-enthusiastic frisbee players and ‘weekend’ guitarists butchering ‘Wonderwall’ are the park-users who get people hot under the collar, according to new research.  Thirty six per cent of park-users have had their afternoon ‘gatecrashed’ by an unaccompanied child while a third say their picnic has been disrupted by loud music blaring from someone else’s portable speakers.

“I’m Not Made of Money!”: Dad’s Biggest ‘Dadisms’ Revealed for Father’s Day – how many do you recognise?

“I’m not made of money!” is the battle cry of the nation’s Dads, topping a poll of the UK’s most common ‘Dadisms.’  Researchers have unveiled the top 30 sayings uttered by Dad’s across the nation, including classics such as “Waste not, want not” and “Two wrongs don’t make a right”.  Phrases such as “I’m not sleeping, I’m just resting my eyes”, “When I was your age” and “Whatever you do, don’t tell your mother” also bring back fond memories of Dad.

Enjoy magical waterway days with the canal and river trusts free summer guide

Tell the time with a dandelion clock, watch the dabble of ducks and dazzle of damselflies or count the spots on a ladybird. Make some time for the great outdoors this summer with the help of the Canal & River Trust’s free, family-friendly activity book. Full of fun, inspirational activities the guide will ensure your family heads outside and has a real summer of adventure.

Europcar helps customers plan ahead for summer vehicle rentals in the UK

Europcar, the leader in car hire services in Europe is reminding holidaymakers that they need to have their driving licence code ready when they pick up their UK hire car this summer.  In 2015, the DVLA abolished the paper counterpart of the UK driving licence. Rental companies cannot access a customer’s driving licence data direct, so the DVLA developed an online system enabling individuals to obtain a code that can then be used by the rental company to check the licence. The code – valid for 21 days – is accessible from the DVLA’s ‘Share Driving Licence’ service. Motorists simply input their driving licence number, National Insurance number and home postcode to generate the code which they then give to a rental company when collecting their vehicle.

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