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Reading for Babies / Toddlers

Top Tips for Reading with your Baby

To a young baby, ‛reading' means a special cuddle on mum's lap, exploring a soft book. Hold baby snugly in the crook of one arm, facing outwards. Use the same arm to hold the book, keeping one hand free to turn the pages....

Banana Skin Chaos by Lilli L'Arronge

Does anything really happen if you throw a banana skin on the floor?  See what happens when Hubert throws his!

The Happy Book by Malachy Doyle

Simple text and beautiful illustrations show your child how to make every day a little bit happier.

Naughty Nina by Juliet Mickelburgh

A MumKnowsBest book review of Naughty Nina - a picture book telling the tale of a girl who learns that just being yourself is best

Who Stole Mona lisa by Ruthie Knapp

2011 marks the 100th anniversry of the Mona Lisa being stolen.  Who Stole Mona Lisa explains the whole story of how she was stolen written by the lady herself