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Child Development

The Facts...Children's safety in the home

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So your precious little bundle is not quite so littlel any more and gone are the days of popping to the loo, leaving your baby perfectly still on the floor!

Self Esteem for Your Children

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Self-esteem is what makes a person like themself, think they are a good human being or feel proud of their abilities. But where does the ability to do this come from? As the first role models for a child parents play a major part, believes Sue Atkins, parenting expert and author.

British parents fork out £659 million on Back to School Gadgets for their kids

More than a quarter of parents plan to treat their kids to new gadgets ahead of the autumn term, spending an average £329 per family.  School satchels now contains £130 worth of gadget.  More kids now do their homework on tablets than desktop computers  and the majority of parents agree technology gives their kids an educational advantage, but 66% have concerns about their reliance on spellcheck and on its effect on their handwriting

Two thirds of parents struggle – with their kids’ homework

Millions of parents admit they help their children with the homework – with as many as one in six regularly doing ALL of it, it has been revealed. A study of 2,000 parents with children aged between five and 15 found nearly two thirds dive in to aid their kids on subjects such as maths, English and science. One in ten parents say it saves tears and stress if they just do their kids’ homework themselves, with a quarter saying they have to stop themselves from doing all of it.

“When I grow up I want to be….”

Chad Valley explains how your little ones favourite toy could influence their career

Want to know what your little one will do for a living when they grow up - just look at their favourite toys! New research from Argos shows a clear correlation between the toys we enjoyed playing with as children and our future careers. Over 60 per cent of adults who now work in design led jobs, such as architects and designers, said they enjoyed playing with building blocks as a kid, while 66 per cent of those in maths related roles, such as accountants and bankers, said they loved puzzle play.

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