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Childrens Parties

The Childrens Party Survival Guide

'Serious' childrens parties no longer start at their 6th or 7th birthday, they now start at their first! With a whole array of pressures and expectations from children, friends, family and peers it can be a very daunting experience!

Remember, you do not have to 'keep up with the Jones's' so why not make your party as large or small, as quiet or lavish as you like...and most importantly unique to you and your family! We have tried to offer a selection of easy to use companies to help you on your way - whatever you are looking for!

Halloween Safety Tips

children dressed up for halloween

Door bell trick or treating is probably not as popular as it once was as we live in an ever-inclusive and suspicious society. That said, it can be a wonderful thing to do around Halloween with friendly neighbours and friends.

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