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Recycling at Home

recycling tshirt on washing line

Many households still throw away a lot of items which can be recycled. This could be due to the fact that we just don't know what can be recycled and what cannot. There are the obvious things of course like paper and card but did you know that you can also recycle batteries, mobile phones, printer cartridges and computers

Tommy Walsh’s Top Tips for Garden Cleaning

Early summer can be a busy time in the garden with so many jobs to tackle before the outdoor and BBQ season starts.  But one of the garden jobs we often neglect is cleaning. So, over time, dirt and grime can build up, leading to slippery paths, bacteria, germs and algae on garden surfaces. To show just how easy garden cleaning can be with the right products, Jeyes Fluid has teamed up with celebrity builder Tommy Walsh, to create 10 top tips to ‘fight dirty’ in the garden this summer.

Energenie’s Top Tips for Energy Saving this Christmas

Christmas Lights

The days are darkening and the nights are drawing in – it must mean that the festive season is nearly upon us again! As this is the time of year when most households splash out on new TVs, fridge freezers, DVD players, games consoles and a whole range of beauty and homecare products, it got Energenie thinking about some of the ways you can easily save energy whilst keeping in the festive spirit at the same time.

Beginners Guide to Building a BBQ

red kettle bbq on grass

Spending time enjoying the results of all the hard work you’ve put into your garden over the winter months, is made all the more enjoyable if you can sit back and relax with friends and family over some home barbecued food.

Choosing plants - advice for novice gardeners

Do you spend hours walking round garden centres not sure which plants to buy if so perhaps we can help you

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