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Half Term trips to see friends - how do you manage the journey?

Half term trips with the children to see friends.  Great idea at the time but do you put children infront of DVD players or expect them to have meaningful conversation?  Mine decided to just fight and need a reglar services stop!

Trick or Treat?

trick or treat fancy dress

Treat every time for me please! For some reason this year, I’ve suddenly bought into Halloween. I get it. For a long time, I’ve spent 31 October being quite Scrooge-like in my manner. Not answering the door to trick or treaters, arranging the decorations to suit my decor rather than reflecting the gory tackiness that is normally associated with Halloween fun.

Shoe Fetish

red clogs lined up in  row

Since when did dressing our children’s feet become so expensive? I don’t want shoes with toys in the heel for an extra £10 premium. I don’t want extra in-steps at a cost. I don’t want flashing soles. I suggest that the £58 gorgeous brown,

Summer Juggle Mum

cartoon depicting family on a beach

So my excited children left school last week armed with folders crammed full of various glued and painted artwork, bizarre cardboard shapes and various half-finished stories. I walked them home in a hurry just so I could tap into

A Nod to Father's Day

fathers day sign

I must be immune to the current Father’s Day merchandising. Without a World Cup, Rugby Six Nations or Cricket Grand Slam going on it all seems a bit low key. Not that I’m complaining – it’s nice to have a Dad’s day without the surrounding hype.

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