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The trials and tribulations of those years leading to adulthood. We can help

Summer Holidays - Dread or Delight?

broken white chalk signifying school holidays

School holidays - dread or delight? There are hundreds of different things you could do – lighten up, get away from the telly and build some happy, funny and memorable memories!

Sibling Rivalry

children poking tongues out at each other

Sibling rivalry can apply to any child living in the same family, from step brothers and sisters to blood related brothers and sisters - and it refers to the jealousy, competition, teasing and fighting that goes on between them - and all the experts seem to agree that it stems from your child’s deep desire and need for your exclusive love - and their need for your attention and their sense of identity, self worth and specialness within your family.

Eat Together, Stay Together

dog sitting at table with steak on plate

Table manners are something that seems to be going out of fashion these days, perhaps it is because many of us don't eat at the table any more. I think this is very sad. The old saying ‛families who eat together stay together' is true, because meal times should be a time for communication and discussion - whether it is about world affairs, general chit chat or what has happened at school that day.

Internet Prowlers

laptop with yellow tape around

new survey has revealed that almost a third of parents' worry that their children will be exposed to inappropriate content online (37 per cent). Despite these findings, 18 per cent of parents rely primarily on parental control software, rather than overseeing and regulating their children's internet use themselves.

In Search of Praise

boy breaking through paper wall

In a management survey I read recently 88% of people who left their company said they didn't receive enough acknowledgement for the work they did and felt unappreciated. I found that percentage to be staggeringly high but not really a surprise.

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