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Just for fun - June


Just for Fun - July

The average household spends more than £85 a year on slimming products, a recent study revealed.

The most holiday friendly town in Britain is Eastbourne – this is based on weather and hotel prices said a study

Sixteen per cent of women have put their men on diets with out telling them a poll has found

Newborn babies keep learning even while they are sleeping, according to experiments carried out in Florida

The world’s smallest water lily which became extinct in 2009 has been regrown by experts at London’s Kew Gardens

Just for fun - May

According to a recent poll of GP’s, nine of out ten dieters fail to lose weight because they underestimate how much they should eat

A survey in Australia found that one in 10 women has dumped a partner because he snored

Celery has become the “Vegetable Viagra” because it boosts hormones that make men attractive to women

Poo from 2,500 PIGS will provide electricity to power Foston Hall Prison on Derbyshire in a £20 million scheme

Just for fun - April

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