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Planning a Baby


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So you are trying to conceive a baby. Now is the time for you and your partner to take a really good look at your lifestyle and perhaps make a few changes so your body is in tip-top condition to conceive and sustain a healthy pregnancy.

Mums-to-be planning conception – around weather, weddings and work

Half of modern mums are meticulously planning the timing of their new arrival around weather, weddings and work commitments, a study has found. Researchers found the excitement of discovering a new baby is on the way has been replaced by an operation reminiscent of a military manoeuvre, involving times, dates and even locations.

Conception and Pregnancy

Positive Pregnancy Test

You've gone through the thinking and planning stage and decided to go for it and try for a baby! When trying to conceive it's worth considering and getting expert advice on the following areas, to aid the process says Joanna Puczkowski, life coach of Horizons Regained.

IVF - Assisted Conception

positive pregnancy test

In the UK, one in seven couples who are trying for a baby experience problems and delays in conceiving. Conception is a very complex process involving many factors. If one of these factors is impaired in some way, it may be very difficult to conceive naturally.

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