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Pregnancy & Birth

The Facts - Maternity Clothes Buying Guide

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you have to be a nine month fashion disaster! Gone are the days when dungarees and smocks were the order of the day. And, unlike my mother who frequently commented to me when I was pregnant "in our day we hid our bump", now we can celebrate it!

Spring Baby Names

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If you're struggling to decide on a name for your baby, one idea might be to choose one that associates itself with the season in which your baby was born.

Information on Premature Babies

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Everyone hopes their pregnancy will be uncomplicated and free from emergency. Few people consider the possibility that their baby could be born many weeks before the due date and need to be given special care for the first few day, weeks or months after birth. However, the reality is that around 82,000 babies are born sick or premature each year in the UK.

Natural Midwife

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) involves the use of natural remedies, traditional medicine and manual and manipulative techniques which aim to treat the whole person - physically, emotionally and spiritually and works on the principle that your body, mind and spirit are all inter-connected. You are encouraged to work in partnership with the therapist, perhaps by changing your diet, or doing more relaxation or exercise.

Raising Money for Premature Babies

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Don't bin it...recycle it!

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