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Valentine Romance and Beyond

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Although most of us desire a healthy relationship it's surprising how many of us don't really understand what makes love survive long term. Most of us are bombarded with images of love and sex in magazines, TV adverts, and on the radio but often they idealise, romanticise or trivialise love. So it's hard to work out what the keys to lasting passion and love are.

Role Reversal

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There are now 200,000 stay at home dads in the UK. The number is growing and there are many reasons for this growth. Women of today have forged stronger careers with good income and they can often earn more than their partner.

The perfect Mother-Daughter relationship

The perfect daughter speaks to her mum every day, shares a love of soap operas and gets on well with all her mum’s friends, a new survey has found. Researchers revealed she will also take her dear old mum out for a girly lunch once a week and will always be available in an emergency.

Cuddles come top when it comes to the little things that cheer us up – even for men

Modern men now enjoy a cheeky cuddle as much as women do, new research has revealed. A detailed study found far from being macho characters who hide their feelings, most men are now happy to admit they frequently need a cuddle amid their busy lifestyles and hectic work schedules.

Working Dads avoid putting kids to bed

More than one in ten working fathers admit to deliberately getting home late to avoid putting the kids to bed, according to a new survey.  The poll, by money saving website, asked 520 men with primary school age children whether they try to avoid the bedtime routine and leave it to their other half, with a staggering 12% saying they do.  The top excuse was working late, with 36% of respondents claiming this was the one they used the most.

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