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Safety in the Home

The Facts...Children's safety in the home

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So your precious little bundle is not quite so littlel any more and gone are the days of popping to the loo, leaving your baby perfectly still on the floor!

Babies choking affects 40% of parents as new celeb-backed first aid campaign launches

St John Ambulance has revealed that four-fifths of parents (79%) wouldn’t know the correct technique for saving their baby from choking despite it being a major fear (58%) and 40% having witnessed it.

Responding to these concerns, the nation’s leading first aid charity has launched its new campaign, which includes a star-studded animated advert that teaches everyone what to do if a baby starts to choke. The film features the voices of David Walliams, David Mitchell, Johnny Vegas, and Sir John Hurt, who play several choking hazards who are fed up with babies choking on them.

Keeping pets calm during Diwali/Bonfire Night

As many of us know, our pets can be stressed by the sight and sound of fireworks going off, Burns suggests the following measures you can take to try and reduce their anxiety. Firstly, consider your pet’s food, some contain additives that can affect behaviour. It may be beneficial to consider an alternative diet. Burns adult diets contain controlled protein levels and are free from sugars and chemicals such as colourings.

Did you change the locks on your doors?????

AA Home response

New research reveals that many new homeowners leave a gaping hole in their security when they move house. According to the study carried out for the AA’s Home Emergency Response service, 73% of homeowners say that they didn’t change the locks on their doors within the first month of moving in, and 48% say they have not changed their locks at all.

Fifth Anniversary of child car seat law: Demand for advice continues

Five years on from the introduction of a new child car seat law, there is still huge demand from parents for information about how to keep their children safe on the road, says the Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents.

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