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The Facts... Toys & Activities for Toddlers

These days children are inundated with toys but child psychologists say that too many playthings can actually hamper child development. Studies have shown that children faced with an excess of toys get overstimulated and are unable to concentrate on one activity for any length of time.

So with this in mind, what's the difference between a good toy and bad toy?

Photography as a hobby for kids

As parents, we need to realize that kids must be engaged in creative and healthy activities right from the start so that they can incorporate many skills and grow into confident individuals. It is important for us to identify what activities or hobbies is the child inclined towards and try to hone that particular skill in him/her.  Photography is one of the better hobby options for your kids and is something which can turn into a lifelong passion as well. Photography is infact one of the rare hobbies which one can take up at any age.  By having a camera of their own, kids love to feel like adults and become more responsible as well.

Not Board at all

Six out of ten families will opt for board games over computer games this Christmas, a recent study found.  While gadgets, gizmos and games consoles will feature on many wish lists this year, millions of families will still find time to dig out old classics such as Monopoly, Trivial Pursuit and Scrabble.

The Entertainer - The

Christmas is a magical time especially for children as they put up Christmas trees and decorations, dream about Farther Christmas, and make that never ending list of toys and games whilst singing All I want for Christmas! 

At the online arm of The Entertainer you can should be able to do all your shopping in one go as they have something for everyone from pre-school to young kids, teenagers and even adults. 

Planning a Child-Friendly Garden

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Designing a family garden with kids in mind can create as many challenges as it does opportunities. Making sure you have enough ‘fun stuff’ to keep your kids entertained, as well as having a parent friendly space for mum and dad to relax with a glass of wine can be a real struggle.

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