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Travelodge reveal the most bizarre requests that parents have asked for

Travelodge, the UK’s biggest independent hotel chain has revealed the most bizarre requests that parents have asked whilst staying in one of the Company’s 513 hotels in the last 12 months.  Between them, Travelodge hotel teams receive more than 200,000 strange requests and questions every year including  “Does my pet jaguar count as a cat in your pet policy?

How to cope with Airport delays

As schools close for the summer and holiday season begins, Tots To Travel – the experts in villa holidays for families with babies and toddlers – has released a series of hints and tips to help families handle potential airport disasters with ease.  “Delays” – the dreaded “d” word for any couple travelling with young children or babies – are not an uncommon nightmare for families travelling in peak season.  It is hard enough travelling with the  mountains of paraphernalia needed once children are part of the travelling picture, without the additional pressure of the airport “bing bong” and a few extra hours in the departure lounge.

One in seven young drivers dangerous on the road – because of their EYES

One in seven young drivers put themselves and their passengers in danger because of poor visibility and problems with their eyesight, it has been revealed. The shocking figures emerged following a poll of 2,000 motorists, which found one in seven drivers under the age of 24 to be suffering from eyesight problems. The study also unearthed the near misses experienced by the average driver – a lucky third have driven onto a roundabout and narrowly missed being hit by a car from their right because they didn’t see them.  While one in four drivers only just avoided a serious crash because a vehicle came out of nowhere.

Parent Essentials For Long Car Journeys

Fed up parents will go to almost any lengths to keep their kids quiet during long car journeys, a new poll has revealed. Leading discount shopping site, asked 500 mums which items they have used to keep their babies and young children quiet on lengthy trips.

Modern kids are globetrotters

Globetrotting children of today will have been abroad four times by the age of 10, it has been revealed.  Research shows the most common holiday destinations for kids today include Spain, France and Greece.

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