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Only a third of parents with premature babies are "aware" of bronchiolitis

Only a third of parents of premature babies are “aware” that their child is at high risk of contracting bronchiolitis when leaving a paediatric or neonatal care unit, according to an NOP survey. This is despite the fact that bronchiolitis is the most common cause of hospital admissions in children under one year of age.

Man Flu 10,000 Times Worse Than A Female Cold. Is There A Cure?

It's that time of the year again, when Man Flu strikes hard at the very heart of masculinity. Man flu is one of man's greatest fears. It can strike at any time and render any man worse than useless.  Man Flu is an instant and debilitating disorder, which hits without warning, rendering healthy males completely listless and entirely incompetent at even the simplest of tasks. The virus attacks the immune system 10,000 times harder than the common cold, and lasts nearly twice as long as a hangover.

CHICKENPOX treated with “un-policed and out of date medical advice” experts say

New research commissioned by Care, the UK’s number one branded range of over-the-counter pharmacy medicines, has highlighted that a staggering 9 out of 10 parents use calamine lotion to relieve itching despite experts across paediatrics, general practice, dermatology and pharmacy claiming it has little benefit.  Further 1 in 4 have given infant ibuprofen, which new evidence suggests could lead to further infection, astonishingly a further 6% have used aspirin to reduce fever, which is not suitable for children and is linked to potentially fatal Reyes Syndrome

Modern Mobile use- 1/3 would answer during sex

One in three busy Brits believe it’s acceptable to answer a mobile phone call during sex, it has been revealed. The true extent to which our hectic lives and busy work schedules intrude on our most intimate moments were revealed in a study carried out among more than 2,000 adults. As well as the third who said taking a call mid-romp was fine, 51% revealed they thought it was perfectly okay to take a call at a wedding.

Freshers food failings- one in three can’t boil an egg

One in three students will head off to university unable to boil an egg, it has been revealed. A new study has uncovered a string of baking basics that the average 18 year old can’t rustle up, including spag bol, a basic cake, and yes, even a boiled egg. Apparently, a fifth of students would even struggle to make themselves toast for breakfast,  and 30% wouldn’t get a jacket potato right.

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