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Revolutionary New Skincare Company Calls For Young People To Become Part Of Its Co-operative

A revolutionary new skincare product for young people has launched and is now calling on young entrepreneurs to join its co-operative and become part its growing sales force. JooMo, which is the first ever 100% truly natural face wash, is the invention of former chemist Nick Wallen and marketing expert Linda Russell who developed the product after their teenage twin sons struggled to find a safe, effective product to combat their acne.

Paralympic fever inspires a new generation - British kids keen to play more Paralympic sports

Paralympic fever is gripping school children across the UK with over three quarters (78%) of British kids who have had the chance to try a Paralympic sport wanting to do it again. What’s more, over half (52%) of those children would like to try a different Paralympic sport as well, according to research published today by Sainsbury’s – the first ever Paralympics only sponsor.

National Fridge Audit Reveals Britons Are A Nation Of 'Sniff Testers'

The first 'National Fridge Audit' by Beko home appliances showed that a staggering 30 million of us admit to having out of date food in our fridge. Alarmingly, although half of us say we would never serve a guest food that is out of date, that means that there are still around 1.2 million potential hosts in Britain who would secretly scrape off the mouldy parts and then serve up the rest.

The Birth I want – join the campaign for Mums by Mums

The Birth I Want is looking to build a picture of midwifery care in the UK, your experiences and opinions will be used to create a vision of the ‘perfect’ midwifery and birth package based on what you as mums and mums to be want. Midwifery care should be about mums and our babies. Help make that happen buy sharing your experience with midwives which takes approximately 10 minutes to complete and why not spend another 3 minutes adding your name to their e-petition.

Pain and fever education for mums

Nurofen for Children has recently launched a new campaign to help parents use pain relief medicines more effectively to treat their child’s pain and fever symptoms.  A new campaign has been sponsored by Nurofen for Children, to help dispel common myths and better educate mums on two of the most common pain relieving medicines after new figures released were recently released revealing the majority of mums need to stop and consider if the type of medicine they give their child is truly the most suitable treatment.

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