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A chance for your family to appear as Video Games Characters

A new competition has been launched to find the UK’s most collaborative and creative video game playing families, who will win the chance to have their families created as video game characters.  The competition, which is now open for entries on the re-launched website, asks children aged 4 to 15 years old to describe their families as video games characters.

Family Investments reveals the British towns with the most affordable childcare for working families

Award winning children’s savings provider Family Investments has recently published the most comprehensive analysis of local childcare costs and affordability in Great Britain. Local authorities were surveyed and official earnings data compiled to establish affordability within every county. Results have been mapped against urban areas to highlight wide local variations in care affordability.

The Death of Table Manners

Old fashioned table manners are dying out – with mobile phones now as likely to be found next to our dinner plate during a family meal as a knife and fork. Research has revealed many people now regularly get up from the table before everyone else has finished, while others happily rest their elbows on the table.

What to do if your child is burnt: advice from the British Association of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeons

In the UK children account for about half of all burn injuries. The overwhelming majority of these are due to scald injuries - 180 children attend A&E each day with scald injuries due to hot drinks alone.  Other common causes of injury in children include burns due to direct contact with a hot object, for example radiators and hair straighteners. Burns injuries from flames, electrical current and chemicals are less common but can be very serious in terms of damage done when they do occur.

Viral Meningitis Warning As Footballer Taken Ill

A viral meningitis warning has been issued after Chelsea and England footballer, Daniel Sturridge, has been hospitalised with suspected viral meningitis this week. The Meningitis Trust is urging people to look out for the symptoms and act quickly if they suspect the disease as the summer months are considered 'peak season' for viral meningitis, with the majority of cases happening during this time.

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