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First Days of Babycare

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New washing machine, DVD, electric toothbrush - all come with instruction manuals. But babies, the most complex piece of natural engineering ever, come with nothing. That's why we all need a few tips.

Information on Premature Babies

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Everyone hopes their pregnancy will be uncomplicated and free from emergency. Few people consider the possibility that their baby could be born many weeks before the due date and need to be given special care for the first few day, weeks or months after birth. However, the reality is that around 82,000 babies are born sick or premature each year in the UK.

Natural Midwife

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Complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) involves the use of natural remedies, traditional medicine and manual and manipulative techniques which aim to treat the whole person - physically, emotionally and spiritually and works on the principle that your body, mind and spirit are all inter-connected. You are encouraged to work in partnership with the therapist, perhaps by changing your diet, or doing more relaxation or exercise.

Breastfeeding Develops Babies Lungs

Scientists now say the physical effort of sucking milk during breastfeeding may leave babies with stronger lungs as they grow up.

Bliss Reports NeoNatal Units are Overstretched

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Every six minutes a baby is born in the UK who needs specialist hospital care yet our neonatal services are overstretched and understaffed, says a report published today by special care baby charity Bliss.