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Sue Atkins - Professional Coach and Former Teacher Passionate about Parenting

Sue Atkins

Sue Atkins is passionate about making life with children easier and more rewarding, and is extremely enthusiastic about helping you to bring up happy, confident, well-balanced adults; today's children - tomorrow's future.

Valentine Romance and Beyond

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Although most of us desire a healthy relationship it's surprising how many of us don't really understand what makes love survive long term. Most of us are bombarded with images of love and sex in magazines, TV adverts, and on the radio but often they idealise, romanticise or trivialise love. So it's hard to work out what the keys to lasting passion and love are.

Self Esteem for Your Children

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Self-esteem is what makes a person like themself, think they are a good human being or feel proud of their abilities. But where does the ability to do this come from? As the first role models for a child parents play a major part, believes Sue Atkins, parenting expert and author.

Divorce and your children

boy behind ripped up marriage picture

January is the month when most people decide their marriage is over. Divorce is traumatic enough, but when children are involved the conflict that can arise between their parents can make children feel trapped.

How to Choose a Nursery

boy playing at nursery school

Its’ an important decision choosing where you want your children to go to nursery and there are many factors to look out for, but the most important one is to let your intuition be your guide and to look at number of nurseries before you choose.