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Gift and Pressies

Griffin SeeSaw Tabletop Stand for iPad

On receiving the Griffin SeeSaw Tabletop Stand for iPad I must say it looked strange and bulky but how wrong I was.  It’s a great piece of kit and one the whole family now fight over.  Its so easy to sit down in the evening in and easy chair and use the ipad without having to balance it on your knee.  Its so simple to use and  its just at the right angle for everyone big and small.

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Chocolate Lovers Beware!

moofree chocolate logo

MooFree chocolate is - wait for it - dairy free. Yes, we also raised our eyes and put the easter egg test to one side. But the offices at MKB are now hooked

Jessops Photobooks

What is it ...

A personally designed photobook to display all your digital photographs, available in different sizes, different amount of pages and different covers, so plenty of choice for everybody. Easy to prepare by adults or children and professionally printed by Jessops.

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