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Just 16% of parents score full marks in 11 Plus Quiz

11 Plus style exams cover a range of styles of questioning including verbal reasoning, non-verbal reasoning, numerical reasoning and literacy skills. There are various formats across the country including CEM, The Kent Test, GL, Bond and the Essex Consortium.

Numerical reasoning was by far the most challenging topic for the quizzed parents with 68% failing to identify an illustrated angle.  All other questions were answered correctly at least 75% of the time, however less than a third of parents answered this problem correctly. Shapes were the next biggest failure, whilst a higher 67% were able to solve a cuboid challenge this was still a significantly lower success rate than all the other problems.

Carey Ann Dodah, Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning says: “These results show that picking up some of the 11 Plus style questions requires practice and that parents may need support in understanding what comes up in these exams – particularly the numerical reasoning questions! Preparing children for the 11 Plus can be a tricky time for parents who are unsure about where to turn to for help. We have open sessions with parents to give guidance on how to support children with the exams and show them what they can do at home. With maths we often find with a little guidance on method parents as well as members are much more confident! ”

Explore Learning run a comprehensive 11 Plus and Entrance Exam course for children.  Sessions that take place once a week focus on improving verbal and non-verbal reasoning skills as well as numeracy and literacy that comes as standard in all Explore Learning classes. Tutors take a relaxed approach where each lesson includes activities to boost confidence and eliminate anxiety.  More than 2,500 children aged 9 to 11 attend each week and between May 2015  and May 2016 there was a 23% increase in children attending.

Explore Learning courses in 11 Plus and Entrance Exam preparation give children the opportunity to become confident in a range of verbal, non-verbal reasoning, maths and English methods.  For more information visit

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