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Make Time for You

So we've wowed the kids, untangled the times tables, breast or bottle-fed each day and for some of us, managed to earn a living too. The most challenging, rewarding and draining job in the world. Mum. So many of us take precious little time out to look after ourselves. From a quick walk or run to a ten-minute flick of a book, it's important to start recharging your batteries and relax a bit more. It is hard with the juggle of life but  that juggle doesn't work with you. Whatever makes you breathe a bit easier, and relax those shoulders, is the way to go...

We're not aiming for a half-marathon or War and Peace in a day but a simple act like a ten minute lie down, read or walk gives you that time alone to rest your thoughts.

You asked us for more competitions and that's what we've filled our summer pages with. You can still log in for easy read advice and information too but whatever you visit us for, we hope we can help with that ten minute time out.

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