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UK kids go hungry when it comes to knowledge about food

Nearly a quarter stated that turkey, chicken wings and sirloin steak come from a pig and despite the current popularity of the avocado,  a third think that they come from animals.

In response to the findings, the supermarket has teamed up with TV chef James Martin to roll out a community school programme in 2017 aimed at teaching primary school children the simple facts about the food they eat.  The initiative entitled ‘Food School’ and designed by Asda will help children develop a love and knowledge of food that will carry them through from their early years to adult life.

To road-test the topic areas that should make it on to the programme agenda, James invited a group of 12 children into an Asda store this week to put them through their paces on a range of food related questions from ‘why is a kiwi hairy?’ right through to ‘how long does it take to grow a carrot?’


TV chef James Martin said: “I was really surprised by the research, but by igniting children’s interest in food and making it fun to learn the stories behind the food they eat every day,  it’s a problem that can be easily solved. Simple pointers from mum and dad when out shopping or cooking simple meals and baking at home can help kids look at food in a totally different way.

“I grew up on a farm and that definitely inspired my career. If we teach kids about the food they eat when they’re young, not only will it encourage them to try new tastes and dishes, but we may even find the next generation of budding chefs!”

Asda’s nutritionist, Hayley Marson said: “This is a really exciting initiative for us at Asda and we’re thrilled that James can help us educate the younger generation when it comes to their food. The provenance behind our products is something we’re hugely passionate about, and we can’t wait to see it brought to life through our Food School programme next year.”

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