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The Facts - Maternity Clothes Buying Guide

Just because you're pregnant doesn't mean that you have to be a nine month fashion disaster! Gone are the days when dungarees and smocks were the order of the day. And, unlike my mother who frequently commented to me when I was pregnant "in our day we hid our bump", now we can celebrate it!

Thanks to the likes of H&M, TopShop and M & S there is fantastic and fashionable maternity wear for even the smallest of budgets and a host of great shops for all price brackets.

One important tip, as you begin to get bigger and feel like a fat frump rather than a blooming belle, don't be tempted to buy normal clothes in bigger sizes. Not only is it a waste money, you'll only wear them for a few weeks, you'll look bigger ‛all over' than you really are and, more often than not, they won't fit right after pregnancy either. Maternity clothes are now a million times better than ever before and are designed to grow with your bump - and yes, you really will be that big at the end!

Believe us, we have tried and tested lots so here are a few of our top recommendations:

Jo Jo Maman Bebe - from pyjamas to party dresses with a fab range of maternity and nursing underwear too

Crave Maternity - fashionable maternity wear for formal and informal occasions

Love Maternity - Stylish and affordable maternity wear from Europe's leading designers

Isabella Oliver - yes, there is such a thing as sexy, sophisticated, maternity wear!

Everyday Maternity - some of the best independent brands from all over Europe

Blooming Marvellous - great choice in a mid-range price bracket

Formes - exceptional French chic - excellent for working pregnant women

La Conception - gorgeous and glamorous - one of our favourites

Seraphine - a fabulous lingerie selection as well as maternity wear for all occasions

Push - for cool mums everywhere - it even has a 'denim bar' for sourcing the perfect pair of designer jeans

Home Mummy - designer maternity clothes - so good you'll want to stay pregnant!

Vertbaudet - great value maternity wear from another French brand. - includes clothes in petite and tall sizes




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there is a desperate need for someone setting up in business to create maternity wear in the uk

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