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Mummy Makeover

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Most women love the way they feel during pregnancy and embrace their bountiful breasts and fuller figures, but once we've got our new baby, many of us are left distressed by the 'damage' it's done to our bodies. In fact, we're no longer prepared to live with empty, drooping breasts and sagging tummies for the rest of our lives which is why women are increasingly turning to the 'mummy makeover' or 'yummy mummy surgery'.

There are surgical procedures for every 'problem' but the first question to ask is can they really be combined for an all-over makeover? It is totally possible to have breast surgery and a tummy tuck done safely at the same time and the general consensus is that a combined procedure incurs no greater complication or revision rate than when compared to individual ops.

So what can be done? Pregnancy and breastfeeding can have a marked impact on the bust and women are often left with drooping breasts and/or loss of volume. A mastopexy or uplift uses your existing tissue to reshape the breast, while loose skin is removed, and this procedure is often combined with a breast augmentation to get the best result. If there isn't much skin sag but you do have loss of volume particularly in the upper part of the breast then you will probably just need an augmentation.

But one word of warning: although an augmentation can be a more straightforward procedure than an uplift and result in less scarring, if you have a high degree of skin sagging then just having implants alone can lead to a very unsatisfactory outcome. Consultations with at two or three reputable surgeons will ensure that you're given the best advice.

While the breasts can be affected by childbirth, that's nothing to what can happen to the troublesome tummy area. However much exercise you do or weight you lose, the abdominal muscles are stretched during the later stages of pregnancy and if they don't knit together perfectly after birth then it can be impossible to regain the toned stomach you had beforehand. In fact, women are often left feeling they still look pregnant long after their baby is all grown up.

During a tummy tuck procedure, as well as excess skin and fat being removed, the surgeon can restore the abdominal muscle wall by suturing the muscles together. Another added benefit of the tummy tuck and mini-tummy tuck can be an improvement in the Caesarean scar as the tummy tuck scar is done as aesthetically as possible and sited in the best possible place unlike a Caesarean scar where the obstetrician’s main concern is the safety of mother and child.

So when is it best to have my mummy makeover? Most reputable surgeons will advise you to wait at least nine months after childbirth or the same time again after you stop breastfeeding. It takes that long to put the weight on so it is important to give yourself the same amount of time to take it off and get to a stable and long-term weight.

Also, although it is possible to have many of these procedures before you finish childbearing, they won't stop the same body changes happening again so it is probably best to wait till you've put away the baby clothes and pram for good.

Katharine Griffiths

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