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Raising Money for Premature Babies

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Don't bin it...recycle it!

Why bin your old mobile phones when you can recycle them and raise money for Bliss? By using the recycling scheme that Bliss offers, you'll not only be helping the environment but you'll also be supporting our work with premature and sick babies, their families and their carers. Even better, it costs you absolutely nothing! For each mobile phone received Bliss will get a donation from its recycling partners and these funds will be ploughed back into our services. It really is that easy to make a difference to our work and the environment!

Please email us at and request a recycling bag... or click here to donate

Did you know?

• 12 recycled mobile phones could fund a neonatal nurse on a Bliss study day.

• 6 recycled mobile phones could fund a complete set of information booklets.

• 1 recycled mobile phone could provide telephone support for a distressed family.

• In the UK an estimated 15 million mobile phones are discarded every year, over 100 million hoarded and fewer than 10% recycled.

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