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May - Mango

sliced mango

Mangoes are low in fat, cholesterol free and a 100g gram serving contains less than 85 calories. They are a great source beta carotene, which the body converts into vitamin A - essential for healthy eyes, skin and bones. Just half a mango counts as one of an adults five servings of fruit and veg a day and an averaged sized whole mango contains up to 40% of your daily requirement for fibre. Mangos are also a good source of tryptophan - a precursor for the ‛happy hormone; serotonin. Mango ideas for kids .....

  • Blend ripe mango flesh into smoothie
  • Chop into chunks and serve in a bowl with a little ice-cream or custard
  • Blend to a puree to make a delicious all natural dessert for babies
  • Serve cubed on sticks with fresh strawberry halves and whole grapes at birthday parties
  • Blend with a little elderflower cordial and pour into moulds to make delicious, nutrient packed, teeth friendly ice-lollies
  • Puree 1 mango with 2 oranges, a tablespoon of runny honey and a large dollop of natural yogurt and freeze in the orange skins to make a super healthy, ice-cream like dessert that looks cool too

Did You Know?
According to a recent US study one of the strongest influences on the food preferences of toddlers is the likes and dislikes of their mothers. This is because, if a mother doesn't like a food they are far less likely to feed it to their child. Try to avoid influencing your child in this way be offering them a wide range of different foods and tastes even if you are not keen on the food yourself. It is important to do this whilst your children are young as research shows lids are far more likely to accept new foods before the age of eight.

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