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Mums New Clothes

canvas pumps on sunny grass

With all the lovely floral numbers in the shop windows, I’m wondering at what point I should be out of boots and scarves and into that ‘between season’ area of my wardrobe. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happier wrapped from head to toe in a snugly coat, comfy boots and my favourite worn out scarf (old enough that my 8 year-old daughter hasn’t got her eye on). Mr Hubby would rather stilettos and minis but I think he still looks at me through a fairground ‘thin’ mirror. No chance. But there is a bit of me now that is craving some ‘lighter’ clothes. I want to ditch the thick soled boots for a canvas trainer and that warm coat for a spring jacket.

It seems the more fashion magazines I gaze at the more confused I get. Is it that anything goes now? The look is vintage floral, masculine, boot cut, skinny, flare, bold colours, nudes? I’m still in recessionista dressing and can’t justify seasonal wardrobes so I’ve become a whizz at recycling dusty articles of clothing from the depths of my drawers.

I’m not one of those snappy dressing mums always in the latest stuff and tottering in heels to playgroup or school (unless it’s a work day). But I do like to keep it fresh. Perhaps it’s now because I have an eye on my daughter’s progress through the clothing cloud. She’s moved on from pretty dresses (sob) and has engaged in leggings and boots. I also notice her eyeing up the non-uniform day at school to check out if she ‘fits in’. I have so far successfully avoided black (no funerals please) and sequins remain firmly in the party not trip to tesco arena, yet she’s becoming more aware of what she wants to wear. It’s battles and wars at this stage as I am determined not to let her become an child Hannah Montana just yet. So I ‘m warmly reassured when she still makes a mud and leaf nest in the park dressed in her favourite red cardy and trendy blue leggings and ends up filthy! Childhood is alive and well again. As for me, my mum’s given me a trusty M&S classic range floral scarf and it looks very vintage. A keeper. Roll on spring...