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The latest cake craze - cake pops!

The latest craze from the US - Cake pops are easy to make and the little ones can have fun decorating them too

Recipe of the Week - Nutella Cake

knife in a jar of Nutella

Yes, it sounds so wrong but it tastes soooo right. Even if you're not a lover of Nutella, we challenge you to taste-test this delicious cake and not change your mind. With an all-in-one method, it's easy and best eaten warm from the oven....

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    coronation chicken

    For a quick and easy picnic or lunch dish - this recipe has a citrus twist, but feel free to add ingredients of your choice such as sultanas, pineapple, nuts, peppers, spring onion, etc.




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  • Recipe of the Week - Fish Pie without the Sauce
    fish pie

    If you love a good old fashioned fish pie but can never be bothered with the hassle of the sauce, then maybe this one’s for you...


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  • Simple Sausage Pasta
    sausage pasta

    For a new take on the classic spag bol - try this simple sausage pasta recipe instead. You can add tabasco, wine or extra parmesan to suit the family taste buds.

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  • Recipe of the Week - Scones
    scones with jam and cream

    What better way to celebrate the Royal Wedding than a good old-fashioned afternoon tea. The comfort of warm, freshly baked scones with mounds of jam and cream and a cold glass of bubbly will be the perfect way to finish off the day.

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