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The latest cake craze - cake pops!

The latest craze from the US - Cake pops are easy to make and the little ones can have fun decorating them too

Recipe of the Week - Nutella Cake

knife in a jar of Nutella

Yes, it sounds so wrong but it tastes soooo right. Even if you're not a lover of Nutella, we challenge you to taste-test this delicious cake and not change your mind. With an all-in-one method, it's easy and best eaten warm from the oven....

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  • Scrummy Easter Simnel Cake
    Easter simnel cake

    A truly decadent and scrummy fruit cake which quite frankly, needs to be made all year round and not just for Easter. Here at MKB, we think all that dried fruit has to add up to more than the 5-a-day supply...

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  • Recipe of the Week - French Toast
    french toast

    One of our favourite mother's day breakfasts has to be french toast - especially if it's served on a tray after a lie-in. The MKB team have perfected this recipe for you (or hopefully your family) to make....

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  • Recipe of the Week - Fishy Pasta
    spaghetti between two forks

    Love fish, love pasta? Then this has to be the easiest dish to try. Very tasty, very fishy and no chopping required. Family fed.

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  • Recipe of the Week - Orange Bread and Butter Pudding
    bread and butter pudding

    If you're a fan of bread and butter (pudding) try this idea for a surprisingly light but scrummy alternative - delicious eaten hot or cold. Perfect with cream or icecream or taken to work/school/park as a picnic dessert...

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