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10 Top Tips for Achieving your Goals & Resolutions

Career progression, work / life balance, getting fit, setting up a business, new hobby....? When did you last set yourself a goal to achieve? Perhaps a New Year's resolution? What happened? Are you missing out on your dreams and goals?

So where do you begin? Start by being clear about your goals. Whether it's improving your health and fitness, going back to work after maternity leave, achieving a better life/work balance or starting a business, here are my 10 tips on how to pinpoint your goals and achieve them.


1. Goals - write them down them positively. Writing goals down is often the hardest part of the plan. Deciding what you want and putting it down on paper makes it real. It can also make the goal seem more achievable, leaving you with the feeling of ‛why not?'


2. Make goals specific

...and timebound. For example, "I will go back into part time employment by 31 March," or "I will be able to fit into my little black dress again by 30 June ." This gives you something very specific to aim for with a defined timeline.


3. Evidence of achievement will you measure success? This will depend on the type of goal you set yourself. For example, is your goal tangible such as going back to work after a career break (i.e. you will be back in employment by a certain date) or is your goal intangible (i.e. to be a better communicator, I will ask 3 of my colleagues for feedback throughout my current project).


4. Resources

...what do I have / need to get there? For example - time, skills, people, funds. Writing this down will help you to assess your current situation, make you see what is achievable and highlight the areas you need to work on.


5. Take control proactive and take action. Do something every day to get you closer to your goal.


6. Note the wider implications

...who / what else will be affected? For example, do you have to give something up in order to achieve your goal? Who around you will be affected? You, family, friends, work colleagues?


7. Action plan

...define the steps in small chunks (with key milestones to mark achievements along the way). By breaking down your goal, you can celebrate smaller successes and really feel that you are making progress.


8. Monitor progress ensure you're on track and enable you to make adjustments to achieving your goal (sometimes things don't go according to plan). Check if you need to adjust any goals, change your actions or bring on board additional resources?


9. Celebrate

...your achievements on the way. Remember that you are working against lots of smaller milestones, and these all have a positive effect on your overall objective. Seeing progress along the way, will help to keep you motivated.


10. Reality check

...on a scale of 1-10, how excited do you feel about achieving your goals? Are you feeling motivated as you work through your plan? Do you need to adjust any of your former decisions? Consider your goal - what does it really mean to you? How important is it? How does it fit with your values?


Final thought

...anything and everything is possible if you set clear goals and have the courage to pursue them.