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Kids Will Get Bored Just 10 DAYS into Summer: Here's How to Keep them Entertained

Parents beware - the average child will utter their first ‘I’m bored …’ just TEN DAYS into the summer holidays.

Researchers who carried out a detailed study found while the majority of the nation’s school children are longing for the six-week break to begin, they will soon 'run out of things to do’.  Even more worryingly is the fact that once the kids hit the boredom breaking point, parents can expect to hear the dreaded moan up to FOUR times every day.

Brit Mums and Dads More Likely to Use Grandparents for Childcare than Nursery

Grandparents are now the UK’s number one suppliers of childcare, according to new research.  Cash-strapped mums and dads of youngsters aged 13 and under spend an average of £89.50 a week on care – almost £4,500 a year and the equivalent to a SIXTH of the average salary.  In fact, one in 10 stated that childcare is their biggest monthly household expense (excluding rent or mortgage payments), behind both food and utility bills

Eating for Two: Our Experts Debunk the Pregnancy Myth

A recent survey from The National Charity Partnership (made up of Diabetes UK, The British Heart Foundation and Tesco) has found that only a 1/3 of expectant mothers knew how much they should be eating during pregnancy and were confused by the advice that women should be eating for two. We therefore asked the experts exactly how much women should be eating during their pregnancy and what the best foods are for expectant mothers.

The Roast Is Toast: Just One Fifth of Brits Regularly have a Roast Dinner

The Sunday tradition of sitting down to a roast dinner with the family is a thing of the past, a study has found.  Just one in five of the 2,000 adults polled regularly sit down to the feast of a roast each weekend.  More than a fifth simply say they aren’t bothered about eating a Sunday roast, while 18 per cent claim they don’t have the time to cook it, and more than one in ten reckon it’s a lot of time and effort for a meal that only takes 10 minutes to eat.

Jetting off for summer? Don’t forget your jabs

Summer’s the time when students and families across the UK set off for far flung destinations. But whether it’s a stint of overseas volunteering or a tropical adventure across several destinations, travelers should not overlook the importance of safeguarding their health against disease and health risks – such as malaria, dengue fever, yellow fever and rabies – that could await their arrival.

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